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Peak Pro Financial & Insurance Marketing takes pride in the service and support that we provide to our agents. Our highly trained team is dedicated to helping you with financial and medical underwriting. From the moment you send an application, you begin to receive first class communication and are able to have peace of mind that your client’s application is in good hands.

What we do for you…

Our New Business Team will order the exams/medical records required by underwriting and will complete the daily follow up necessary in expediting the process. By completing this work for you, you will have more time to meet with clients and write more business, without the added stress of hunting down facilities or paperwork. We have been able to maintain an average turnaround time of 21 days for medical underwriting by remaining in constant contact with the carrier. Our team will ensure any questions are taken care in a timely manner and will relay outstanding requirements to you. We demand excellence from the carrier and hold them to high standards by tracking their communication and turnaround times, as well as our own.

Furthermore, Peak Pro Financial pre-qualifies your clients’ financials before they reach underwriting. Our New Business Team creates the cover letter for quick processing and submits the application in its entirety to the carrier. This ensures the carrier can provide the quickest possible decision.

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