We are here to help you with life insurance illustrations

The Illustration and Case Design Team will complete your illustration request within 1 business day. Please complete the Peak Pro Financial: Case Design Packet and submit to illustrations@peakprofinancial.com

What makes us different?

The Peak Pro Illustration Team proactively assesses each case and provides you with the info you need to prequalify your clients’ financial underwriting within 1 business day. The Case Design Packet helps us to provide accurate quoting and to eliminate questions that may be posed during the underwriting process.

Complete the case design packet with your client to gain complete understanding of their current financial status. The information gathered during this process is essential to maintaining your clients business and their future financial goals. Please call 866-866-7050 Option 1 to discuss case design and retirement planning.

Case Design Packet Submission Instructions:

  1. Save the Case Design Packet to your PC
  2. Complete the packet with the client and Save the file example: “CD_Mr.J.Doe”
  3. Attach the file to an email and send to illustrations@peakprofinancial.com
  4. You will receive a life insurance illustration, medical underwriting requirements and financial underwriting requirements within 1 business day

*Note: Submissions after 3:00pm MST will be processed on the following business day

Have a question on the Case Design Packet? Just give us a call 866-866-7050, option 1!


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