About Peak Pro Financial

Our Chairman, CEO & Founder, Gabe Myers, started Peak Pro Financial in 2003 in Palm Springs, California. The company was originally based on annuities and seminar marketing. In 2004, he discovered the benefits of Indexed Universal Life insurance and began to train agents in 2005. Between 2006 -2007 Gabe worked closely with Attorney’s, Business Owners and CPA’s to provide the right knowledge which would  be perfect for starting up new marketing strategies. In 2010, he brought on a business partner Chris Zuniga, now President, who had owned a successful annuity wholesaler. Together they worked closely to develop their own proprietary software. They would continuously redesign their whole world based off of what was new in the market place. The software had become a representation of always thinking outside the box and is responsible for millions of dollars in target premium. With their combined knowledge and past experience, Gabe Myers and Chris Zuniga continue to develop new ways of being innovative in an already commoditized market.